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Why You Should Furnish Your Garden

It is always amazing to see how even a small garden area adds colour, texture and dimension to its surroundings. That’s why most homeowners love to have a garden. Gardens complement our houses and enhance the beauty of our properties, whilst providing somewhere to relax when the weather is kind.

So, you have a garden! After planting your favourite plants and shrubs, what else is there to do? A garden presents various possibilities and options.

Add garden tables and chairs

For a start, you can consider making the garden an extension of your home. Just by adding garden tables and chairs, your patch of green can instantly be transformed into another venue for entertaining friends or enjoying sumptuous meals.
There are a few things you may want to consider before buying your garden tables and chairs.

• Decide on where you want to place the new garden furniture.
• Would you want tables and chairs made of wood or plastic?
• How easy would it be to clean the garden furnishings?
• If you have children, which materials would be safe for them?

Once you have considered these factors, it will be easier for you to scout around for the perfect garden furnishings.

Gazebos and garden umbrellas

Garden accents can be both decorative and functional. If you have no shade in your garden, you can consider constructing a small gazebo that will provide shade. With a gazebo, you can enjoy your garden furnishings whether it’s hot and sunny, or even if it’s drizzling a bit.

Garden umbrellas are less costly, but just as decorative and functional as gazebos. Choose an umbrella with hues that will complement the colours of your garden. If you don’t have too many flowers, then you may want to install umbrellas in floral colours, or those that have floral designs. Play around with it, and enjoy decorating your garden.

Bird baths and fountains

Adding a bird bath and a feeder to your garden will give you and your family endless hours of entertainment. Watching birds splashing in the water can be very relaxing and calming, and children will delight in the sight of birds flying over for a meal.

A fountain always adds elegance, beauty and an air of serenity to any garden. The sound of cascading water from a fountain is both soothing and invigorating. Again, you may want to choose a fountain that will go well with your tables and chairs. Fountains come in all sizes, shapes and themes.

Statues, garden lights and metal ornaments

If your budget permits it, you may want to consider adding a garden statue. A garden gnome, a toad or some fairy statues will make your garden look whimsical. Then too, you may want to add garden lights, which will make your outdoor entertainment area take on a different look and feel at night. There are also many metal ornaments in various sizes, shapes and themes that you can use to make your garden look and feel like it is an extension of your living room.

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