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Why buy a new build house?

Buying a house and moving into it can very quickly take over your life. The endless searching for somewhere that meets your needs and realising that you may have to make several compromises all stack up against you.
MortgageSaving enough money for a deposit to fund a mortgage with no guarantee that your offer will be accepted and trying your best to meet all your needs without sacrificing your quality of life also come into play and as if those hurdles weren’t daunting enough, there is also the possibility that you may well have to do some work to your new home before you can live in it.
It may well be rewarding in the end, but there has to be an easier way to make the right move without endlessly sacrificing what you want in a house.
It seems odd to have put in so much effort and tied your future into a property that may well be more compromise than realised ambition.

New builds

Southwold houseNew builds hold the potential to be a very effective solution to many of the problems surrounding finding a house at the moment. While no-one would deny that the housing market has been badly hit in the past, the cautious optimism surrounding economic growth and the need for more housing means that many house building companies are looking to build more homes.
This position means that there is a supply of homes on the market that deal with two of the most pressing concerns in buying a house: the state of the property and financing a move.
New builds offer a ready-made answer to these two key issues. In fact, just by virtue of being newly built, the practical questions concerning the state of a house, whether or not it has had any work done to it before or will need it in the future, can be answered comprehensively and quickly.
New builds are built to high and enforced standards offering at the very least the same basic levels of style and fittings. They can be easily inspected and should not have any immediate maintenance issues; making the questions of insulation, energy ratings and appliance needs far less complicated.

Help with buying

On a related note, the advent of the help to buy scheme can offer a solution to financing. It offers either a mortgage guarantee scheme or an equity loan scheme and while there are strict criteria, it offers savers a route to a mortgage with a lower deposit.
With eight mortgage lenders signed up across Britain and several new build companies offering houses as part of the help to buy scheme, there is ample opportunity to make finding the right house far less complicated.
elan-logoNew builds are becoming available in more and more areas, offering an increasingly diverse number of locations to meet the needs of more people. If moving seems too daunting or almost impossible to achieve in the normal market, it may well be worth investigating new builds. You’ll find plenty of regional options from reputable firms – like new Elan Homes in Cheshire – so it’s well worth investigating before you make your final decision.


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