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What Makes Oak Furniture So Popular?

While pine is the most common wood for making furniture from due to its price, if you ask pretty much anyone what their favourite wood is for buying furniture in, almost everyone will say oak. For some reason when people think of oak furniture, they think of high quality beautiful long lasting furniture.

For as long as people have been making furniture, oak has been popular in the UK. This was mainly due to the fact that it was available in abundance across the country. Around the 1600’s oak became less popular as many people turned to lighter woods. It wasn’t until the 80’s when oak furniture began becoming popular again.

While most people have a set colour in their mind when they think of oak furniture, however what many do not know is that natural oak is actually available in a wide range of colours and it can also be stained as well to provide an even wider range of colours.

Another reason why oak furniture is so popular is that it can blend into almost any room setting, whether it is a country classic room or a sleek and modern room, the same piece of furniture will look equally at home in both rooms. Obviously there are pieces of furniture which lend themselves more to traditional room settings and others that lend themselves more to modern room settings, but the majority of the furniture can be used anywhere.

You will also be able to find a wide range of different pieces of furniture in similar styles and colours from different manufacturers. This means that if you buy a bookshelf or display cabinet from one manufacturer, you may still be able to find a sideboard or chest of drawers which matches several years later from a different manufacturer when the range of the original product has been long discontinued.

Finally, oak furniture should not be seen as a purchase, but more as an investment. A high quality piece of solid oak furniture may not only retain its value, but possibly increase in value over the years. Oak cupboards, as with most wooden furniture can be rubbed down and retreated if it has become damaged or marked, making it look like a brand new piece of furniture. Taking this into account, you may be able to get “as new” furniture for less than buying new furniture, without any loss in the quality of the furniture.

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