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TV Review: My Mad Fat Diary

Plenty of superb TV series have come from successful books, and this is the case with My Mad Fat Diary, which is shown on E4, a partner channel to Channel 4. It is derived from Rae Earl’s book called My Mad Fat Mad Teenage Diary. It received its first airing a couple of weeks into 2013.

So what is My Mad Fat Diary about?

The idea is simple – you get to watch the programme from the point of view of the main character Rae. You’ll have noticed the character is named after the author of the book; that’s because the book was based on her life. The series is about a teenager life and how she copes with it.

big mad fat diary friends The main character is played by Sharon Rooney, who is convincing as the challenging character of Rae. She weighs 16 stone and as the series starts she has just been released from a psychiatric hospital. This provides a strong and interesting beginning to this teenage TV series and it builds from there, introducing you to other characters as you watch more episodes.

You may recognise Claire Rushbrook, who plays her mum, and Ian Hart, who takes on the role of her therapist. This series is unlike anything else you may have seen, and while it is aimed at teenagers it may well attract the attention of some young adults too. It’s easy to get pulled into the story as you find out more about Rae and her life.

Why are there references to her diary in the title?

Rae is asked to keep a diary about her experiences when she is released from the psychiatric hospital. We find out about events in her life through this diary and throughout the six episode run of the first series. She deals with such issues as being overweight, the thought of sex, the wish to get a boyfriend and other topics such as self harm.

It sounds like a heavy series but in fact it balances these and other important and dramatic topics with a wonderful soundtrack featuring artists such as Oasis, Bee Gees, Boyzone and Chemical Brothers (and those were just a few of the ones featured in episode one).
It soon becomes clear Rae’s life is a difficult and challenging one but this doesn’t mean the programme is depressing or too sad to watch. In fact quite the opposite is true – there are some real laugh out loud moments here to complement the sad ones and uncomfortable ones. It provides a real mix of experiences and dramas that many people will be happy to watch. It becomes quite compelling with each additional episode.
my mad fat diary If you missed My Mad Fat Diary on its first showing, you can watch TV programmes online as well. Look up details of this programme now and see whether you can catch up with it online to find out more about Rae and her life. It is a compelling, amusing and totally different programme to watch, for sure.

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