Better Thinking Home Top tech: gadgets your home can’t survive without

Top tech: gadgets your home can’t survive without

What gadgets do you need in your home? Here’s a look at several popular areas of in-home gadgetry.

1. Coffee

coffeeWe all love it. So what could be better than making Barista-grade filter coffee in a matter of seconds? With a syringe-like press just throw in your ground coffee, add hot water and plunge it through the filter. A few seconds later and delicious coffee is produced.

2. Tablets

tabletsIf you haven’t already thought about it then getting hold of a tablet, such as an iPad, is the ideal choice for the home. Portable and versatile, tablets have a use in just about any room. If you’re cooking in the kitchen, you can call up the recipe; if you’re watching a movie in the living room and wish you knew what other film he was in, you can call up and find out. You can then even watch the film on the tablet itself!

3. Entertainment

x boxFor the best in living room entertainment, whether that’s films or games, a console is the way to go. Xbox have their new console, the One being released soon, and the PlayStation 4 is hot on its heels. These two will battle it out for living room supremacy and having one of these two stylish devices will be essential.

4. Connectivity

computer connectionYour tablet and other internet gadgets won’t work without a stable web connection and a top-class router will see that signal drop-outs are a thing of the past. Unless you’ve got unlimited internet, you haven’t really got the internet so to get the ability to use any of your devices as much as you wish, get hold of a good broadband package like BT Unlimited Broadband where you can be sure of top speeds and no pesky download limits.

5. Ecological and economical

tv imageWe should all be greener – and luckily there are some great gadgets to help us do more for the environment; from solar powered tech to wind-up TV remotes.

A power monitor will make you more aware of your electricity consumption, reducing wastage and costs. By upgrading your existing tech to devices that combine two things in one – like a TV with a built in digital box – you’ll save on power too.

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