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Top hygiene tips for those with limited mobility

Having limited mobility has the potential to invade all aspects of your life. Making a cup of tea or dusting might become a real challenge whilst changing a light bulb or washing the car might become impossible.

There are certain things that the majority of us do and take for granted every day of our lives. Brushing our teeth, washing our faces or using the toilet is something that we do without even thinking. Once the ability to do these things becomes challenged it can take quite a degree of adjustment. Below are a few ways to adjust your bathroom to meet your mobility needs.

Bath tubs are usually safer than shower units

walk in showerThe exception to this is a walk-in shower which does not involve climbing in or out of anything, greatly reducing the chance of a slip or fall. Getting in and out of a bathtub can be a challenge for the individual and any helper or carer but baths with hinged doors make the process far easier and quicker.

There are online catalogues of such items such as the Premier care in bathing range. If you really do prefer to shower (and some people do!) it is possible to purchase a shower seat which again, will help make things safer and more comfortable.

Most accidents involve slips but many of these are avoidable

Ensure that there is a non-slip bathmat in the bath or shower. Some shower and bath units have a textured pattern that provides a slightly better grip but mats are usually safer. Once out of the shower or bath, the floor inevitably gets wet so ensure that there are suitable mats available that will not slide around the floor to provide sturdy and reliable footing. Grip rails when placed correctly can also reduce the risk of a nasty fall and provide further peace of mind.

Choose suitable bathroom fittings

Not all fittings are made with older or disabled people in mind. Most bathroom taps are incredibly fiddly and stubborn for people with weak wrists or arthritis. However, there are many companies which offer tap fixtures precisely for this purpose, such as paddle style handles.

Although most people want the privacy that having a lock on the bathroom door provides, especially when you share your home with others or there are guests, there are bathroom locks that can be opened from the outside in the event of an accident or emergency.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

bathKeeping yourself clean and healthy is extremely important and there is always help available to those who need it. Some of us are fortunate enough to have friends and family members that live close by but that is not always the case.

Contact your local council for details on what help is available to you as soon as you feel that your hygiene routine is becoming difficult – don’t wait for an accident first.

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