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Top 10 Christmas Gadgets

If you know a gadget freak or you want to start making your own wish list for Christmas, here are the top ten Christmas gadgets in our eyes. How many would you want?

1: iZON Remote Room Monitor

If you want to keep an eye on a room in your home, the iZON will help you do it. You can access the camera feed from an app on your phone, allowing you to check it no matter where you are.

2: iPad 2

Well of course – who wouldn’t want to find an iPad with their name on under the tree?

3: Kindle Paperwhite

Recently launched by Amazon, this is set to be a big festive seller and a great addition to the Kindle range.

4: Ghost Hunt

If it’s a game you want, Ghost Hunt hits the spot. Random ghosts are projected onto the walls and ceiling, and you get a laser gun to wipe them out. Superb fun.

5: Apple iPod Nano

Still an incredibly popular item, the iPod Nano is small, funky in its colour choices and hot on everyone’s list of gadgets perfect for the festive season.

6: Wii Music

If you have the Wii, you’ll want Wii Music. Learn to play dozens of different instruments and record your own songs.

7: Microsoft Xbox 360

If you want a brand new games console that can also allow you to watch movies, this could be the console for you. This is a great console for serious gamers.

8: Bubblescope

If you have an iPhone you’ll love the Bubblescope. This is a lens attachment that allows you to take amazing videos and photos with the aid of the free app that works with it. Panoramic photos without wobbling have never been so easy.

9: The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

We all want a sonic screwdriver, and this one looks a lot like the real thing. It gives you the power to control everything in your home by remote control – from your TV to your iPod docking station.

10: FurReal Friends: Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup

And finally, this is one for the kids. Biscuit is the same size as a golden retriever puppy, and a lot easier to care for than the real thing. It could prove to be a big hit with the whole family if your child finds it under the Christmas tree this year.

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