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Take to two wheels and enjoy the open air

A growing number of women are turning to pedal power these days. Whether they are using their bikes to avoid commuting on slow buses and cramped trains or simply heading out of town at the weekends for a few hours of escape, it’s good to see so many females enjoying the open air and living a far healthier lifestyle.

The roads in our large towns and cities may not always appear to be overly safe, but in truth there are more safety measures in place for cyclists than ever before. Designated bicycle lanes and large pedestrianised areas have helped to encourage two-wheeled travel, leading to greater involvement from just about every age range.

Every rider should be aware, however, of the fact that complacency can still lead to serious accidents. Great care has always been needed, and this is still a matter to be taken seriously. Car, van and lorry drivers are perhaps more aware of cyclists these days, but there is always a chance that inattention could lead to potential disaster.

Should the worst happen….

If you become the victim in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may take a substantial amount of time to recover. Injuries can heal very slowly, for example, and the psychological damage may be even more severe. Needless to say, many people will struggle financially in the aftermath of such an incident.

A personal injury claim lawyer can help you to claim financial compensation afterwards, and this money can assist in keeping the wolf from the door. A competent legal representative should be contacted in cases in which the victim was not to blame at all.

To lessen the risk of accidents while you’re out cycling, be sure to wear highly visible clothing. While you don’t need to be kitted out from head to toe in banana yellow, it should be pointed out that bright colours will always help other road users to see you. This is especially true at night or when the skies are grey and visibility is low.

With so many other road users around, great care is always needed. It’s a good idea to avoid any sudden movements, because drivers may not be concentrating on your actions. Be sure to signal clearly as and when you need to, and to be as helpful and courteous as you want them to be to you. Cycling is great fun, but always be careful.

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