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Style Your Bedroom For Less with French Shabby Chic

Finding a style or “look” for your bedroom can be difficult, particularly if you’re working within a budget as so many of us are. You want your bedroom to be a welcoming room, relaxing and stylish but also practical. French furniture can be a low cost option which adds personality easily.

Many people today are short on both the time and money to wander round boutique furniture shops looking for unique bits of furniture which will work together to create a nice look for the room. Some people also shy away from choosing less conventional pieces of furniture in case they look out of place or clash with other things in the room. So places like Ikea and Dunelm Mill make it easy to buy matching pieces of furniture which look ok and don’t break the bank.

However you might want your bedroom to reflect you a bit more. Taking inspiration from French furniture design can help you create a more interesting room without very much effort.

What is the French style?

French furniture design is usually defined by the Louis XV style, including rococo and shabby chic. The colours are generally creamy and pastel colours, with touches of gold. A lot of curves are used which are feminine and decorative. It’s quite an informal style, a lot of the pieces are asymmetrical, which means if you’re creating a French look you don’t have to worry too much about making things match.

Why use this style?

It’s a good style to include in a bedroom for several reasons. The creamy and pastel colours are neutral enough that they won’t clash with other things. This is particularly useful if you don’t feel confident about matching colours. There are lots of budget options for neutral furniture and furnishings, but they can end up looking dull. A piece of low cost French furniture injects some personality without you having to worry about colour schemes.

The curves used in French design help to create a relaxing and soft feel which is great in a bedroom, especially if you’re wanting the room to be a bit feminine.

You might be thinking that this is all very well but it’s not solving the problem of having the time and money to create this style. The beauty of a piece of French furniture is that you can select one key piece, such as a dressing table, and place it in a neutral room and you will create an instantly stylish feel. It will transform your room from being just a cream bedroom and tie it together with a touch of chic.

French furniture is also very popular and so readily available through many furniture outlets, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. There are many online retailers who specialise in these pieces and have beautiful designs which will lift your room without costing the earth.

If you do have a bit more time to spend working on your room then there are lots of other little ways that you can incorporate French rococo chic into it. Mirrors with gold, curved frames will work well, as will an ornate bedside table. Gold and pastel bed covers and cushions will enhance the look with little effort. Just be careful not to overdo it – this style is quite elaborate and too much gold and over the top asymmetric designs can look odd.

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