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smrbathrooms-logoIf you need anything for your bathroom, head to the SMR Bathrooms website now to find out why they have been established and going strong since 2002. According to their website they have built their business on three distinct areas – good service, excellent quality and affordable prices.

Their website provides easy access to their contact page, with a link near the top left of the site. This provides phone numbers, a fax number, full postal address and email contact details, not to mention opening hours for the shop itself, which is based in Portsmouth.

One of the main ranges of bathroom items sold by SMR Bathrooms is heated towel rails ( A distinct advantage of choosing this company for your towel rail is that they have an impressively wide range of rails to choose from. In fact their range is divided into five separate areas – ladder designs, contemporary designs, traditional designs, the Hudson Reed range and ultra towel rails as well. So whatever kind of home you have, you are bound to find a suitable rail here for your bathroom. They also come in a range of different heights and widths so whatever space you have there should be something to suit it. heated-towel-rails

One thing all radiators have in common is they need radiator valves ( Fortunately SMR Bathrooms have virtually every type of radiator valve you can imagine. A selection of the best deals on radiator valves are displayed on this page, so you can see how competitively priced they are. The prices include VAT as well, making it easy to see exactly what you will pay.

shower-valves-imageThe website also makes it easy to find the right valves from their extensive collection by using their search facility. You can begin by selecting the type of valve you want, followed by orientation and the size of the inlet and outlet. Then simply choose the preferred finish and search.

radiators-imageSMR Bathrooms has also created an impressive range of cast iron radiators ( They sell reproduction cast iron, which means you can get the classic look of cast iron radiators while enjoying the efficiency provided by modern designs. They have plenty of designs in several sizes and most are available in different finishes as well. They also provide colour swatches if you have a particular colour in mind you would like to see before purchasing. These swatches can be delivered the day after you order them.

It only takes a brief look at the SMR Bathrooms website to see there is a superb range of items there to buy for all bathrooms. While they are best known for their heated towel rails, radiator valves and cast iron radiators, they also have plenty more to look at. A full range of shower items and accessories is available, not to mention mirrors, taps and furniture for your bathroom too. So whatever you want you can find it on the SMR Bathrooms website. And if you can’t, they’re more than happy to hear from you to help out where they can.

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