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Saving Energy with Double Glazing

If you have old tired windows you have probably noticed that they can get very draughty. If the wind happens to be blowing in the wrong direction you can end up feeling as if you’re sitting outside!

If this is the case there could be no better reason to invest in double glazing for your property. Not only will you enjoy a significant reduction in noise, you will also be able to save on energy.

How can double glazing help you save on energy bills?

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass that are separated by a small gap. This means that they are better at preventing heat loss from the house and the cold from outside is less able to permeate inside as well. Some double glazed windows are more energy efficient than others, although all double glazing will be better at keeping the heat in than single glazing. In order to get the best windows look for the BFRC rating.

Will new double glazing really prevent draughts?

Yes it will. You need to remember that brand new double glazing means getting brand new frames as well as the double glazed units themselves. As such you will benefit from getting rid of the old and worn frames, which may have been leaking heat from inside your home.

Once the new frames are installed and the double glazing has gone in, everything is properly sealed so there is no chance of any gaps remaining. In short, you will be warm and toasty shortly after your installation has been completed!

So I can save on my energy bills as a result of having double glazing installed?

Yes you can. Assuming the rest of your home is adequately protected against heat loss, you can enjoy much warmer surroundings once your double glazing has been installed. You should find you can lower the temperature of your central heating or perhaps even turn it off altogether if you would otherwise leave it on low.

When you lower the temperature on a consistent basis because you are no longer losing heat through old and worn windows, you will save money on your energy bills on a consistent basis too. This is where you will start to reap back the cost of your investment. Many people think of new windows as a cost rather than an investment. But since you will save money on your energy bills you can be sure you will start to gain back the money you invested in the windows in the first place. It will take time to do this of course, but since there are many other benefits of having double glazing – for example the noise reduction from outside – you should find it easy to make this all important decision.

In short there are plenty of reasons why double glazing is worth having. As a method of saving energy in the home, it is one of the best there is, so make plans to take advantage of it today.

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