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Personalised Plectrums For Guitar Playing Enthusiasts

An inexpensive, but thoughtful gift

For anyone who has a musician in their life, personalised plectrums are a great gift for guitar players of all ages. The plectrum is one of the most popular personalised gifts available, allowing you to fully customise any of the stock designs, or make a completely unique design yourself. As long you own the rights to the image, or have permission to use them, you can pretty much add any image you want. With the simple design tool you can upload your image into the template and then resize and modify the image adding effects like sepia, comic book and more.Personalised plectrums design online tool

Once you have adjusted your image you can also add your choice of text, though the best plectrum designs have as little text as possible. Your text can be modified through changing fonts, adding colour and adjusting the way they sit on the plectrum. Most of the stock designs offered can also have your text added, so even with a stock design you can make the plectrum unique. Each plectrum order with Like My Photo Gifts gets you ten individual plectrums in a handy carry case, which makes these truly unique gifts almost as cheap as standard plectrums from a music shop. You can start to design your very own plectrum here.

Find More Personalised Photo Gifts By Like My Photo Gifts

If you are looking for a great gift for family and friends, or even a quirky gift for a work colleague or classmate, there is nothing quite as simple but effective as a personalised photo gift. At Like My Photo Gifts there is a great selection of fully customisable gifts which are suitable for a whole number of different occasions. From personalised photo mugs to personalised plectrums, there is something to suit every taste. All of the gifts are made to a high standard, with a top quality photo print that is one of the best in the UK.Personalised plectrums design online tool

With the simple design tool on the website, you can modify and arrange your design exactly as you want it using a gift template, adding your own images from your hard drive or from Facebook
and Instagram accounts. You can also add text in a large range of different fonts, orientations and colours. If you prefer, you can choose from one of the stock designs or the images from the gallery, so even if you have no idea where to start, the design tool can help you on your way.

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