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New Year’s Resolution: Start to Recycle!

Yes it’s that time of the year again when we all make resolutions we hope we can keep. While losing weight and taking more exercise will be popular for many, there are plenty of other things you can think about doing as well.

One excellent example is to get stuck into home recycling. If you haven’t started to recycle yet, don’t worry – it’s easier to do than you might think. We’ve put together some handy tips and advice to inspire you to recycle more in 2013.

Get familiar with how things are recycled in your local area

Most councils offer a recycling service, but they don’t all approach the task in the same way. While some areas have one or two bins for recycling, others use colour coded bags. What happens in your area? Find out by going online and accessing your council’s website. You should find they have a section of information dedicated to rubbish collection and recycling. This will tell you all you need to know.

Once you know what you can recycle and how home recycling is approached where you live, you’ll be better placed to get started and throw away less rubbish each week. As you do more recycling you’ll feel better about doing your bit for the environment.

Organise some recycling containers to make the job easier


You might find you have to separate your rubbish into two or three (or more) different types. Clearly if you throw everything away in your normal bin and then have to sort it out when recycling day arrives, you’ll be less likely to do it properly. The best bet is to invest in the right recycling containers so you can sort it when you throw things away.

While your council may provide various bins for residents to use, you still have to separate out your rubbish indoors. You don’t want to go outside every time you have a teabag to recycle, or you open an envelope and want to recycle the paper. Instead you need some bins indoors that you can periodically empty once they get full.

Fortunately lots of companies now sell a wide range of recycling containers to choose from. Many of them are colour coded to make life easier, so you can instantly see what goes where. Before you buy anything, it is wise to think about how your council sorts its recyclable items. For example you may need to separate out glass, paper and cardboard. You might also need a separate bin for food waste.

As you can see, by following these two easy steps you can soon be recycling more household waste than you ever have before. If you really get enthusiastic about doing it, consider getting a compost bin for the garden as well. Many food scraps and garden clippings can go in here to create wonderful compost for your own garden.

So you can see, 2013 might be your best year yet if you make this resolution for the New Year.

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