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New Fashion Trends in 2013

Another New Year has begun, and with it comes a whole new range of fashion trends to keep us on our toes. Fashion shows regularly show us what we have to look forward to in the new season, and last year’s shows have unleashed a whole new collection of clothing to discover on the high street.

Which fashion trends will appear on the high street this year?

One of the key styles to wear during the warmer weather will be Bermuda shorts. These are designed to be comfortable and more flattering on many people than so called short shorts are, since they come down to just above the knee.

Some of the items featured in recent fashion shows also focused on water. While blue was a key colour in many respects, it was also used in different ways to give the illusion and inspiration of water. Sometimes this was taken more literally than others, but either way it presents an interesting range for the new season.

Another popular addition to the runway was stripes. Many designers have decided that stripes in one form or another will be part of the new look for 2013. However it doesn’t just mean stripes vertically or horizontally – some designers have worked in some interesting twists on the idea too.

While there is always some more complex and eye catching designs to feature among the fashion trends of the year, this doesn’t apply wholeheartedly to 2013. Indeed many of the items seen on the catwalk were quite simple and stunning, and should appeal to plenty of people this year.

Which colour trends can we look forward to?


There might be a surprise here if you were expecting pastel colours. Instead of opting for the more traditional spring themes, we’ll be able to choose from lots of black and white themed items this year.

In fact there were plenty of bold colours on the catwalk that will be making an appearance in the weeks and months to come. Some were used as a backdrop with a more subtle design on top, while others were used in the design.

But making an appearance all on its own and catching lots of eyes because of it, we have white. You will see lots of plain white dresses and shirts this season, although to be fair the word ‘plain’ is not used at its best here. Many of the white items featured lace panels or other cut out designs that made them stand a world apart from other plain white items. Sometimes it only takes a simple change or switch in design to create something completely new.

As you can see there are some exciting new looks and trends to look forward to in the coming year. Keep an eye out for the above styles and ideas in your high street shops soon, and be ready for some amazing sights and clothing items to wear. How will you mix things up and look your best in 2013?

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