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Mercedes A Class Review

For many people, the mere mention of the Mercedes name is enough to sit up and pay attention. But of course the different models are all very different from one another, so here we take a closer look at the Mercedes A Class, so you can see whether this car would be the one you’d want to buy.

Reasons to buy Mercedes A Class

For starters you now have a choice between three and five door models. The five door model was the first one to come out, and the three door model will be hitting the forecourts in spring this year.

The look of the car – regardless of the number of doors it has – is distinctively Mercedes, and yet it has changed a lot when you compare it to its original A Class model. It is a lot lower for starters, hugging the road in a way the original never did, with its sit up and beg bike style design. This alone will please many Mercedes fans looking for some major improvements to the design.

You’ll be pleased with the drive it gives you too, providing plenty of extras and perks for you to choose from. Of course the more you opt for the higher the Mercedes prices will be, although you need to think about what would make this car the ideal ride for your needs.

How comfortable is it?

Mercedes A Class inside The Mercedes car seat you slide into is comfortable enough to be sure, and you will also enjoy the good view you get as you familiarise yourself with your surroundings. As with any car it takes a little getting used to, but you’ll love the blind spot warning alert system built into the A Class once you become familiar with it.

So in a sense it is comfortable in more than one way. Yes it’s good to sit in and drive for any distance, but you’ll also feel comfortable in your place on the road. And of course it has a fair amount of poke to accelerate out of situations when demanded.

The Mercedes A Class you’d expect to find in this style and class of car. But it also comes with plenty of little extras – all those bits and pieces you may not necessarily need but they provide a better driving experience all the same.

While the interior of the car feels generous and spacious enough, you may be disappointed with the amount of space you get in the boot. So it depends on whether you are buying the car for yourself or for practical reasons as to how much you fall in love with it.

But as we said before, many Mercedes fans will be pleased to see the differences this A Class has with its previous incarnations. There are enough upgrades and features that come as standard to raise the eyebrows and have you reaching for your wallet. And that has to be a good thing, doesn’t it?

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