Better Thinking Home Making Your Garden Safer: Tips for a Secure Garden

Making Your Garden Safer: Tips for a Secure Garden

Forgetting to secure your garden is a mistake that many of us can make. Unfortunately however, an unsecure garden can tempt burglars to return at a later date and more worryingly, test the security of your actual house.
As we move into autumn and winter, burglars have more time to go about their work and to add to this, they are more likely to do it as the Christmas season approaches.

So what exactly can you do to help secure your garden?

Install security gates

security gatesIf you tend to keep your car in the driveway or even in your garden, not only can you reduce your car insurance by installing security gates, but you can also help keep it safe.
Driveway car thieves are more common than you may think, and they prey on the fact that their attacks are unsuspecting. In Surrey for example, there are 56 vehicle crimes per 10,000 cars, with 43 per cent of that being made up of theft.
Security gates in Surrey and all across the UK are therefore an important addition for all those looking to secure both their gardens and their cars.

Keep intruders away with security lights

security-lightsGreat also for lighting midnight parties, security lights offer a warning to all trespassers who invade the privacy of your garden.
Available online for as little as £20, they are a great way of alerting any would be thief of your security measures; deterring them before they have even got anywhere near your valuables.

Keep your shed secure

shed-imageBesides keeping a quality padlock on your shed, it is also important that you make sure that the door that it is attached to is strong enough to keep the shed secure.
If this first defence is however broken, try and lock all of your valuable and heavy items together, so that they are harder to move as one.
On the chance that this does not work, the last thing that you can do is postcode or property mark everything in your shed so that they can be identified at a later date.
In addition to this, taking photographs of the most expensive items is a good way of not only getting your items back at a later date, but also claiming them on the insurance if you don’t.

Invest in CCTV

CCTV-in-the-gardenAlthough most people presume that CCTV is something for city buildings and large houses, security systems are becoming increasingly cheaper over time and you can even find some online for as little as £50.
Not only will CCTV home security deter potential crime against your home, but it also offers you the sound knowledge that your home will be looked after 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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