Better Thinking Home Make your home stylish with the best new kitchen gadgets

Make your home stylish with the best new kitchen gadgets

We want our homes and gardens to look their best at all times. There are many stylish design tips available today to help us achieve our goals for a more beautiful home.

Beautiful, unique handmade kitchens can transform a home completely.

You can also choose from traditional or ultra contemporary fireplaces to complete any room, along with accessories such as kindling holders and log baskets to really accentuate your fireplace.

With a little imagination, our homes can look better than ever. Gadgets can help achieve an updated look. They come in vibrant colours as well as classic designs and clean lines and can transform your kitchen or living space at once.

Baking gadgets


For baking enthusiasts, there are a wealth of gadgets available that will add a stylish touch to any kitchen.

Hand mixers are perfect for lighter everyday tasks like making cake batters or whisking egg whites. The more expensive models will generally feature a metal casing and there will be extra attachments.

A good hand mixer will be fairly lightweight with a gripping handle. Its attachments should be stainless steel.

A food mixer has standard attachments such as balloon whisk, dough hook and beater. Some modern food mixers feature a beater with silicon edge to scrape away ingredients from the inside of the bowl.

A mini chopper is a mini food processor which is designed to chop small amounts of food. They are simple to use and are handy for quick tasks and for kitchens with limited space.

Energy saving gadgets

Microwaves use far less energy than conventional ovens and are efficient at cooking small portions of food and for effective defrosting. Your microwave can be an attractive kitchen gadget as you can choose from a wide range of models in stainless steel or vibrant plastic.

Avoid overcooking your eggs with a colour changing egg timer, which will save you energy and time and is a neat kitchen gadget to have.

A food chopper with a revolving blade will dice food efficiently for you, quickly and easily, saving you energy in your kitchen.

The one touch grater is another nifty kitchen gadget that will come in handy on a daily basis.

The Luca Trazzi XI espresso coffee maker is a must have for ground coffee lovers. It makes delicious espresso and features a steam nozzle for frothy milk, making it suitable for cappuccinos and other styles of coffee.


Smart appliances

Refrigerators can cost a significant amount of money to run, as they use so much of our home’s energy. Today however there are many types of smart refrigerator that have good energy ratings and can think, sense and diagnose themselves on a regular basis for added efficiency.

Smart dishwashers feature more space inside through their design, allowing you to wash up to 16 plates in one go. These smart dishwashers feature inverter motors with extensive warranties. Some dishwasher models also feature a burst of steam during wash cycles.

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