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Darlings Of Chelsea St James

Looking For a New Sofa? – 10 Great 3 Seater Sofas to Choose From

Featured image: St James sofa from Darlings of Chelsea

The three seater sofa is a staple item in many homes. But with so many to choose from it is good to be able to narrow down your options somewhat.

We’ve provided ten of the very best three seater sofas here, from ten different stores. Which one will look good in your living room?

St James Leather Sofa from Darlings of Chelsea

st james
This stunning sofa has square arms and a very practical look and feel. However it is still very comfortable and easy to snuggle into. Its luxurious style would suit both modern and traditional homes.

Barnby Sofa from John Lewis

This sofa has a gorgeous fabric with a chenille finish that would work well in lots of settings. It looks very inviting too. This is a sofa that would provide a practical seating option as well as supreme comfort.


Maximus Sofa from

This has a majestic look about it, completed with scatter cushions and luxuriously curved arms. The seat cushions are nothing short of plump either, giving you the comfort you are looking for.

Westbridge Bella Sofa from Furniture Village

westbridge bella
This lovely light and airy design still manages to look chunky with its wooden feet and lovely lines. The seat cushions are generous and the arms have a subtle curve to them too.


Barletta Large Sofa from Marks and Spencer

This fabric sofa comes in a variety of fabric choices, enabling you to fit it easily into your living room. The clean simple design is ideal for everyday use and will look good in many situations.

Ava Large Sofa from Argos

Sometimes the simplest designs are the best, and the Ava has clearly been designed with this in mind. This sofa is ideal for those on a tighter budget, and yet it does not compromise on style or appearance.

EKTORP Sofa from Ikea

The EKTORP is one of the more familiar sofa ranges from Ikea. You have the option to buy replacement covers for the sofa at any point, giving you the opportunity to get a new sofa for a fraction of the price.

Boston Sofa from Dahani

This three seater leather sofa is a contemporary item that would fit nicely into any modern home. It offers a modern design that does not shirk on comfort, giving you the best of both worlds.

Jonah Sofa from Made

This design is gorgeously inviting and tempting. It would be ideal for a modern setting and you can personalise it with your own cushions. The design moulds around you to provide total comfort.

Emlyn Sofa from Habitat

This Italian sofa is handmade and very attractive looking. Comfort is provided no matter where you sit on it, and you’ll see you can enjoy a nice relaxing time when you sink into its cushions.

These ten sofas all have their own unique style and look. Make sure you consider them all equally before opting for the one you love most.

Which one will make it to the top of your list?

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