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Know Your Money is a website dedicated to providing information about all manner of financial products. It was established in 2005 and it is completely independent, enabling users to explore various products with the aid of guides, news and financial articles. The website now receives in excess of 200,000 visitors on a monthly basis, further cementing its position online in this area.

The site is well designed to enable you to instantly go to the area you are interested in. For example one of the areas on the website deals with home insurance. This page offers several methods for comparing prices on your home-insurance ( so you can get the cheapest quotation. The page also has an in depth guide to home insurance at the end, so you can find out more about how it works. It also reveals some hints and tips on how to reduce the cost of your insurance which could come in very useful.

This section also provides the chance to search for home insurance via Go Compare. You can either click for quotations or get more information if you wish. The options Know Your Money makes available for you here are second to none.
A similar section of the site exists for comparing mortgages too. There is a free comparison service that can compare over 3,000 different deals. All you do is select the reason why you are searching for a mortgage from the drop down menu and then the most applicable deals are listed for you.
picture-know-your-moneyBelow this there is a section of the most popular mortgages ( around at the moment. These are presented in chart format so you can easily compare one with another. If you click any option below the heading ‘popular mortgages’ you can see only these mortgages. You may be asked another question depending on the mortgage option you choose, i.e. the length of the mortgage or the percentage of deposit you have available.
Know Your Money is also well known for providing information and advice to help you get cheaper utilities such as broadband, gas and electricity supplies. This section gives you the ability to compare your current electricity and gas supplies free of charge via uSwitch. All you have to do is enter your postcode and then click on the button provided.

gadget-insurance-imageYou can also look for better deals on broadband, business broadband and even mobile broadband on this page. Simply click the right option for your needs and you will be taken through to the appropriate section to fill in the relevant details to get your quotes. Know Your Money also offers home telephone quotations, digital television quotes and mobile phone contracts.

So regardless of whether you are searching for lower priced utilities ( , looking for a better mortgage deal or hunting for lower cost insurance, you can take the easy route by going to Know Your Money. As you can see, they really do know your money and how to help you make the best of it.

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