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Is Seeing the Light Keeping You Up At Night? The Benefit of Blackout Window Blinds

Margaret Thatcher claimed to have trained herself to sleep on less than four hours per night. So did world renowned painter Salvador Dali. However for the majority of people getting less sleep not only reduces their productivity and performance during waking hours but it can actually cause acute health problems over the long term according to a the BBC article “Can you train yourself to get by on less sleep?” by Claudia Hammond.
If you are not deliberately choosing to get less sleep each night it may be time to evaluate your sleep environment for problems. There are a variety of things that can impact the quality of rest you receive including the comfort of your mattress and bedding, as well as room temperature. In order to sleep the body requires a cool, dark and comfortable place to rest but for some people natural light or artificial light sources have a detrimental impact on their ability to achieve a deep sleep.

How Light Disrupts Sleep

light and sleepShift workers can experience problems with not only getting to sleep during the daytime, but staying asleep during daylight hours. It’s hard enough to fall asleep while the sun is out but add to that the volume of noise that accompanies daytime traffic. When sleep experts study the impact of rest deprivation they tend to focus on individuals who work night shifts in order to ascertain the long term health cost to impaired sleep.
You don’t have to be a shift worker to experience problems. If you live in the city chances are there is enough ambient external light from road traffic and street signage to make falling asleep difficult. Even a small sliver of bright light in your bedroom can impair your ability to fall into the kind of deep sleep (REM) that is restorative for your body. Over time this sleep “debt” accumulates and can lead to health problems such as loss of alertness, hypertension and other conditions. Did you know that shift workers globally have a 41% increased chance of a coronary event? It is a fact worth taking to heart.

Why Blackout Blinds Work

blackout-blindsQuality black out blinds have a light absorbing structure and typically possess a pvc backing to effectively block the sunlight from permeating through the fabric of the roller blind. It is important when measuring for your custom blackout blind that you provide a close fit to the window well to prevent a gap that will allow light in. Manufacturers provide instructions on how to measure accurately for the specific model of blackout blind that you choose and the good news is that there are a variety of fashionable choices in pattern and colour to choose from.

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