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Iphone 5 At A Glance

Iphone 5 At A Glance

So the time has come at last – the iPhone 5 is here. But was it worth waiting for? Does it live up to the inevitable hype that was going to surround it from the start?

The good news is that at first glance you get a bigger screen, and the design is still second to none. The downside is the price tag will put it out of some people’s reach, while some may disapprove of the lighter feel of it. This particular aspect could be a pro or a con depending on your point of view.

The iPhone 5 also comes with your choice of three amounts of storage, depending on your needs – 16GB, 32GB or the mammoth 64GB. You’ve also got a choice of black or white, so in a purely aesthetic sense it has a lot to offer.

Getting Underneath The Hood

There is a dual core CPU providing the backbone to the new iPhone. In addition to this you’ll get a super fast response to anything you want to do on it. Those who are moving from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 should notice a significant difference. If you’re moving from an older iPhone to the new model, you may have to lie down when you see what this one can do. Oh, how far technology (and Apple) can come in such a short time.

Many people will be curious to see how good the battery life is. The answer is superb – various people have tested its mettle and the iPhone 5 has beaten its predecessor easily. One presumes the earlier iPhone was left in the dust at the start line on this one.

Does It Have a Good Camera?

You may be surprised to know the camera on board the iPhone 5 is identical to the iPhone 4S version. However the outer part of the camera has been redesigned to make it scratch resistant. According to independent tests, it stands up to the claim.

Of course one of the biggest changes is the size of the connector, which has shrunk considerably. So if you’re going to get an iPhone 5 you also need to get a new adapter (or two or three).

While the change in connector is the biggest gripe people have about the new phone, there is a lot here to be happy about, as you’ll see when you get one of your own.

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