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Insulated Products Corp provides protective packaging for your manufacturing and business needs. Among these products are performance insulation options, box liners, pouches, and roll stock. This service provider additionally provides distribution of products, which includes pallet covers, pallet blankets, air cargo insulation, and insulated pallet shippers.pallet-shipper-thumb

Temperature Controlled

Through this packaging and distribution company, you receive insulated box liners for your materials. These options are environmentally friendly insulated packaging that prevents sudden temperature changes that may damage your products. This is a significant benefit for companies who require food packaging and distribution.

Protective Cushioning

All packaging selections provide protective cushioning. This attribute is essential to ensure that products arrive at their destination in the same condition in which they were delivered to IPC. The cushion cradles bottles and other fragile food and beverage casings.

The pallet blankets provided by this company present an added barrier to prevent nearby freight placed within the cargo trucks or planes from making direct, damaging contact. These blankets and insulated pallet shippers keep products an adequate temperature from the time they arrive until they are delivered at your choice of locations.


ipcpackCooLiner is another beneficial product offered by IPC. The product is available as covers, roll stock, and bags that are simplistically placed over shipments that are roughly the size of a carton. An additional benefit of this product is that it enables shipped products to maintain their coolness for up to 24-hours

Gel Packs

Gel packs are an insulation option that is non-toxic and environmentally safe. These products are inserted within the packaging to promote additional coolness. They are odourless and will not damage any products shipped within this form of packaging. You may order these packages as already frozen for maximum benefit.

Temperature-controlled Box Liners

The temperature-controlled box liners are inserted into the packaging. This option will maintain refrigeration for up to 24-hours The product fits flush against the packaged products to ensure maximum coolness throughout the distribution process. It is recommended for short deliveries within one-day. These liners are idyllic for shipments to warehouses and stores.

Pallet Covers

pallet-cover-large2Pallet covers fit firmly around the entire pallet of products. This material is durable and will not tear during or after shipping as it is puncture-resistant. It allows delivery drivers to remove the entire pallet from the transport truck all at once without the worry of breakage. This product maintains the coolness of your products and prevents the probability of UV rays from reaching or damaging your shipments.

The Little Extras

IPC provides bubble bags and pouches to supply immediate cushioning of fragile products. The products prevent probable damage from improper handling and offers ESD protection. IPC manufacturers both options in a multitude of sizes to meet your needs.


Insulated Products Corp is a full-service shipping and packaging company that provides insulated packaging options. These products provide adequate cushioning to prevent breakage and damage as well as temperature-controlled options that allow you to rest assured that your products will maintain their coolness. Among their shipping, products are CooLiner, gel packgs, pallet covers, and temperature-controlled, protective packaging.

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