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How the ‘wow’ factor can sell or rent your home

Estate agents always talk about a property’s kerb appeal; and while the first impression of pulling up at a home for sale or rent is important, the inside of a property is often what will make it irresistible to others. Whether you are hoping to sell or rent your property, with some thought and consideration, even modest changes will make your property more sellable or rentable, without costing you the earth.


clutter imageFirstly, make sure your home is not full of clutter. Most of us are guilty of being hoarders – keeping too much stuff and we become oblivious to this after a time. However, a fresh pair of eyes coming into your property will look for negatives and too much clutter certainly is that (a friend inspecting your property will never shy away from telling you the truth).charity stall
Look at your home through the eyes of your potential buyer or tenant. You can see that having all those DVDs on display may not be a good thing, those knick knacks you collected on holiday actually just gather dust and the baby’s toys heaped in a corner do nothing to enhance your lounge. You can get rid of things you do not need, free up vital space and you could even make a few quid by selling unwanted items on social auction sites such as eBay. Surplus stuff can be taken to a car boot or your local charity shop, who will thank you for your generous donations and make you feel good too.


magnolia colour kitchenNext on the list is your décor. Estate agents prefer clients to have neutral colours on the walls and floors as this makes their job of marketing your property so much easier. It’s a scientific fact that the human brain perceives simple things as beautiful, and while that black painted wall may have looked dramatic and edgy when you first decorated it, it can seem imposing and make a room seem smaller. Tone it down with soft colours such as the much maligned magnolia. It may not be the ultimate choice of your intended audience and everyone’s cup of tea, but it helps them to imagine their things in your space.

A Clean Property is a Headliner

It goes without saying that your property should be clean. Buyers or renters do not want to come into a home and have to get out the scrubbing brush the moment they arrive. Making everywhere look clean and tidy is a strong way of showing your home off in the best possible light while costing next to nothing to achieve – save some elbow grease.

Rooms – The Top Aspect in any Viewing

repairs imageAlways make full use of the rooms you have. That is if you have a bedroom which is currently used as a junk room, declutter and dress it up to look like a bedroom. Even if you do not have a proper bed, throwing a bedspread over some boxes to give the illusion of a bed will help and work wonders. Similarly, if you have a space which can be used as a dining area, go for it. Adding even a cheap table and chairs from your local charity shop with a tablecloth thrown in can allow potential buyers and renters to imagine themselves living and dining there. Even ‘tired’ sofas can be revived with soft throws and cushions.

Finally, make good on small repairs and make it look like you have cared for your home. By doing so, you can achieve the sale or rent you wanted without having spent a fortune or incurring any charges due to further damage.

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