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Great New Fitness Trends – get fit and lose weight!

There are many different fitness trends taking the country by storm at the moment, from boot camps to TRX training, from Hot Bikram to Yoga. There are fitness regimes available for everyone, from beginners to those experienced at work outs.

Start 2013 with a great attitude towards getting fitter, healthier and losing weight.

Boot camp classes

have become very popular across the UK in recent years, thanks to their media exposure among celebrities desperate to shed a few pounds. Camps also exist in Spain, Ibiza and France for those wanting to get fit further afield, in the sunshine.


Guests enrolling in fitness boot camps are supported and encouraged to adopt a fitness regime that will help them lose weight and tone up. There tends to be less competition at boot camps, as staff support their guests every step of the way and guests tend to adopt a supportive attitude towards each other, whatever their goals.

Because guests can stay at fitness boot camps, eating, sleeping and exercising there, they tend to lose more weight in a sustainable time frame. Boot camp classes can be a fulfilling exercise training regime for many people, whatever their goals for losing weight, as well as a life changing experience.

Suspension Training

is a fitness trend that has hit the UK in a big way. It uses gravity as a leverage and bodyweight in order to perform exercises. You can decrease or increase resistance with the TRX trainer by adjusting the position of your body.


The TRX suspension trainer is used for a complete body workout and improves your muscular endurance through its rock solid performance. It can be used by anyone wishing to exercise, from senior citizens to athletes and it can be set up anywhere in your home or you can use it in the gym.

This trend is spreading quickly and is used by thousands of people who wish to improve their muscle endurance and overall feeling about themselves.

This form of suspension bodyweight training helps to develop balance, strength, core stability and flexibility all at the same time.

Hot Bikram

is a type of yoga exercise involving 26 postures to improve your circulation and give you great muscle tone, improve your weight and generally make you feel terrific.


The 26 yoga postures in hot Bikram are designed to stretch your muscles and tendons in a specific order, and include the half moon pose, eagle pose and standing head to knee.

Bikram yoga studios can be found at various locations and are taught by certified Bikram teachers.

Yoga has been practised for over 5000 years and it continues to remain a very popular form of exercise for millions of people.

The physical poses of yoga are known as ‘asanas’ and will include breathing techniques and possibly meditation too. Yoga is a great way of getting fit, improving muscle tone and losing weight and there are many different types of classes available.

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