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Games Room Ideas

You have a sparkling new house, the kitchen gleams, guest room is ready and your teenage daughter has that long-wished for en suite bathroom. Now it`s your turn to play and it`s not going to be in the garden shed. You are going to create a games room. Read our article on games room ideas and get inspiration to create the perfect games room.

Pool Tables

The pool table takes centre stage in the new games room. Pool is a game enjoyed by all people of all ages, even though some of them don`t want to admit to it. Before buying a pool table, ensure that the floor is perfectly flat and that the flooring can take the weight of the table. Opt for a 4 x 9 feet sized table if you have the space for it. Pace around the room and make sure that you have enough space for the table, players and cue storage. You do not want to have cue marks on the wall. Buy a pool dining table if you plan to use the games room for card games or parties.


No games room is complete without a dart board. Once again ensure that there is enough space for the throwing distance as well as for a few players standing behind the oche. If you are buying a traditional bristle dart board, get the best quality you can afford and preferably, one that meets competition standards. It will last longer than the cheaper variety. Retractable tip darts reduce damage to the board. Electronic dart boards can only use soft tip darts. The electronic boards eliminate the need for tallying up during a game. But tallying is also part of the fun of a darts match.

The set up of a dartboard has to be accurate. Measure the throwing distance from the bull`s eye, not the wall behind it. Install the oche – a raised bar – at the throwing distance limit rather than drawing a line on the floor board. The oche should be about one inch in height and two feet long.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is good exercise for everyone – from children to great-grandparents – as well as fun. Ideally, the games room should be large enough to accommodate the dart board and throwing area, the pool table and the ping pong table without any of them scratching against a wall. The most popular table tennis tables are a mid-ranged priced “rollaway” style. This enables the table to be stored when it`s not in use. The best surface thickness for a domestic indoor table is 19 mm. Blue has become the popular choice for the surface colour rather than green. It offers a better visibility on the table for players.

Table Football

Football tables come in all sizes and will fit in whatever space you have available in the games room. Choose a height that will accommodate as many ages as possible. It`s easier for adults to play on a lower table than for younger people to play on a high one. Make sure that the table has telescopic bars as this prevents protruding handles from causing accidents, especially to small children.

Pinball Machines

They may be a throwback to the 1960s, but pinball machines are classics in a games room. Playing a pinball wizard takes skill and gives hours of enjoyment. The ball movement is never the same and the game requires lots of hand-eye coordination. If you are buying a used machine, don`t worry about a little wear and tear on the sides. This can be painted or restored. Just make sure that none of the plastic elements on the table is broken or cracked.

Standard board games, such as chess, draughts and backgammon, don`t occupy much storage space. Small fold away tables and chairs are sufficient for players. A roulette table and wheel provides great entertainment. It gives a touch of authenticity to late night poker parties played around the pool dining table.

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