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Feng Shui for Children’s Bedrooms

A child’s bedroom should reflect the vibrant, energetic, joyful nature that is associated with children. It should be a place where children have the space to enjoy themselves and where they can express their creativity and flair. Feng Shui is an increasingly popular home design concept in the West. Having been used in the Far-East for centuries, many oriental experts have praised the concept of Feng Shui and the effects it brings to the home.

Feng Shui can provide you with an important guide when setting up your children’s bedroom. It dictates everything from style and colour to correct furniture placement. There are various do’s and don’ts when it comes to children’s bedrooms, and when applied correctly, the following Feng Shui tips can effect things like the child’s behaviour, health, relationship with family etc.


Colour is an important part of the child’s bedroom. Navy Blue and similarly dark colours can create a depressing and oppressive atmosphere that dampens the spirits of the occupant. Brighter colours such as yellow and orange are much better options.

Bed Alignment

The head of the bed should be placed against a wall whilst the sides of the bed should have enough space around them for the child to walk around. It is therefore important to not push the bed against a wall. The bed should not be directly in line with the door and bunk beds should be avoided where possible.

Create a “Prize Wall”

Designate a space where you can display the things that bring pride to your child. Typical examples include things like certificates, trophies, artwork, tests that have good results etc. Not only will this instil confidence in the child, it will also encourage the child to add to his/her prize wall.

Clear Away Clutter

toybox-furnitureRooms that are filled with clutter can detract from a child’s focus and attention. They also create a negative energy and give the impression of a lack of space. In order to avoid clutter, it is important to place storage baskets and toy boxes in the child’s bedroom. These easy to use storage items can help to quickly remove clutter.

Introduce Parental Authority

Placing a happy picture of the parents in the bedroom is a great yet subtle way to remind the child as to who is in authority and the consequences of negative behaviour. The picture will also comfort the child and keep him/her feeling safe whilst in the room alone.

Avoid Intimidating Objects

Whether it’s a model of a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, a violent video game or comic or an overly graphic poster, items which have the potential to scare the child (even sub-consciously) should be avoided at all costs.

Author Bio: Karen Rayner

A former British Airways cabin crew member, Karen Rayner currently lives in Warwick with her husband and her two children, Charlotte and Jack. She is the founder of Childrens Funky Furniture, an online furniture store which provides imaginative and creative furniture items that appeal to young children. Karen also writes extensively about how to create artistic and vibrant bedrooms that children can relate to and enjoy.

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