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Four Popular Alternatives To a Night Storage Heater

In 21st century life night storage heaters are not practical or flatteringly designed, but many homes still have these big clunky devices taking up space and not offering much of an investment for the energy they consume.

Here are 5 alternatives to night storage heaters that any modern home can have installed.

Electric panel heaters

Not to be confused with electric radiators, Electric panel heaters are the quickest and simplest alternative to a night storage heater, plugging straight into the mains and controlled via an on/off switch. But while this is a very simple means of control, you pay for this ease in excessive electricity bills as these heaters are rather expensive in the energy they consume.

Electric panel heaters generate heat instantly by drawing air in through a vent and then circulating it around the room. However, this instant heating is not just expensive compared to other more cost effective ways to save energy, it’s also not ideal for heating entire rooms as the hot air produced tends to amass in the area directly around the heater and not evenly distributed, leaving a draught in parts of a home.

Electric panel heaters are perhaps a technology best for use in smaller properties where there’s less need to heat large areas.

Electric Fan Heaters

The fan heater is a popular alternative to a night storage heater and is available in all manner of shapes and sizes, which makes them a very versatile form of heater. They are also cheap to buy with prices starting as low as £15/20.

No installation is needed as these portable items are devices that stand without support alone, making them useful for a wide range of occasions wherever a power socket is available. Fan heaters also rarely come with a thermostat, instead relying on easy to use settings which although convenient actually limit the control that a user has.

Another downside to an electric fan heater is the noise they make as a result of the fan’s moving parts. The noise isn’t horrendous but it is certainly noticeable and can be frustrating when used in quieter environments. The lifespan of a fan heater is also disappointingly low, lasting only a few years.

Electric Under-Floor Heating

Under-floor heating is an increasingly popular alternative to night storage heaters. This technology does not include the use of pumps or a boiler, making the installation process easier than other kinds of heating systems and ensuring the house is Eco friendly from its inception.

The other significant difference between under-floor heating and other heating types is that it doesn’t require radiators, with heat instead being regulated by a constant temperature stream that rises from the floorboards up to the ceiling, although this process takes longer than other forms of heating, especially if the system is underneath a concrete or heavy wooden floor. The desired temperature usually takes an hour to be generated.

The benefits of under-floor heating are great once the house warms, but there are also other expenses to consider, such as the cost of installation which necessitates the use of expensive heating mats and cables that must be fitted by professionals.

This form of electric heating is most often included in newly built properties before the floors are laid down, as the expense of introducing this heating design into an existing home involves a renovation that will take several days or even weeks to complete, disrupting the running of a household.

Under-floor heating is usually controlled through the use of floor probes and pre-programmed thermostats located at various point around the home.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are a great alternative to modern storage heaters as they utilise the most advanced modern heating technology and turn almost all electricity generated into heat, which has the effect of saving both energy and money.

Electric radiators have other benefits too, such as the ability to be used at multiple points throughout the home and the inclusion of simple controls that ensure the user is always in complete control of the temperature. They also boast advanced settings like timers which are ideal for saving energy without any hassle to the owner.

Trendy designs are also a hallmark of modern electric radiator design, allowing them to look great in all rooms of a house where they will blend into the background while maintaining a sleek fashionable look that fits well with any modern décor.

All things considered, electric radiators are the best choice for modern home heating purposes, and replacing night storage heaters with an electric radiator is a simple process that takes little time and effort.

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