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Flaunt A Fine Entrance With These Top Tips

Breezing up to your front door, possibly whistling a jaunty tune, you put your key in the lock – only to have it career off its hinges and fall back with a thud on the hallway floor.

At that point you realise your entrance could probably do with some sprucing up.

The front door, now lying like a stone tablet on your floor, is covered in chips and flaking paint, a pot plant has turned brown and compost-like on your steps, the doorframe looks like it narrowly survived both world wars, and your front garden seems to have been attacked by a vindictive farm plough.

And who wants to rock up to an entrance that seems like it could be a drug den? You’ll have guests turning their nose up at you before even ringing your doorbell.

So, what can you do to improve your entrance? For a start, try some of these tips.

Wipe Your Feet In Style

You know, some people don’t have doormats. They just wipe their feet on the ground like braying horses, or trudge muck and grime through their house with as much care as a confused elephant in an antique store.

With adequate door mats, your entrance will look as luxurious as possible. So, wipe your feet with a high-quality mat to avoid mud trailing through your home.

A Lovely Lick of Paint

If you can’t afford to replace your door outright (that can be a pricey business), then your best option is to give that glorified plank of wood a fresh lick of paint.

However, be sure to paint in line with the grain of the wood. Also, pick up paint that won’t take too long to dry – you don’t’ want a sudden rain breaking out and ruining all your hard work.

Flutter Over Fauna

Have you seen those old-school pictures of countryside retreats? They’re stunning. Down a cobbled pathway, wide arches and trellised fencing breed flowers of every colour and scent, while butterflies flutter and a delightful anthropomorphic squirrel gives you a welcoming wink as it scurries by.

Although that might seem like a fantasy if you’re living amongst urban sprawl, you can give your entrance a push in the right direction with some flowers and maybe some trellising by your door.

Creeping vines and hydrangeas aren’t the sole preserve of the countryside, so buy some flora you’re fond of and your doorway will shine.

Make A Grand Garden

For whatever reason, it’s a lot easier to ignore the quality of your front garden in favour of the back. But that attitude will never improve the sight in front of your door.

Unless you’re running for the Chelsea Flower Show, you don’t have to be too fussy with your front garden. All you need is a well-kept lawn, a few ornaments and some flowers.

Manage this and your house’s repute will never fly off its hinges.

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