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Electric Cars, Are They The Future?

Electric Cars – Are They The Future?

If you take a look at the carmakers of today, you’ll find many of them have electric cars available to buy. However even though these cars are available to buy, they’re not exactly setting the world on fire. They’re not selling enough units to make us all sit up and take notice. It is one thing to see the latest all electric car being rolled out at a show or exhibition, but it’s quite another to see more of them on the roads.

So is the electric car heading towards a brighter future, with more people driving them than ever before? Or will it limp along at a disappointing pace, as we all cling onto our petrol or diesel driven vehicles?

Cleaner and More Environmentally Friendly

There is no doubt the electric car is packed with benefits. For starters they are generally far cheaper to power than a traditional petrol or diesel version. One report stated the writer’s fairly conservative diesel car worked out at 12p per mile. Meanwhile their experiment with an electric car got that down to just 2p per mile. In terms of saving money, electric cars are definitely the way to go. Of course you don’t get all the emissions that normal cars spew out either, so they have to be better for the environment and probably for our health too.

Charging Points

The main issue with electric cars is not really one of the cars themselves – it’s where to charge them. Different models require charging after so many miles, so you have to be sure you will find somewhere to charge your car when it needs it, otherwise you’re stuck. And herein is the big problem.

Until there are more electric charging points dotted around the country with convenient frequency, few of us are going to feel confident in investing in electric vehicles. The infrastructure has to be there to support these cars before anyone will put down the money to charge them. The only people who would feel confident in getting them at the moment would be those who only went on short journeys within the realm of a full battery charge. This would allow them to return home and recharge before it ran out.

In short, there could (and probably should) be a bright future for the electric car. However it may be some time before it comes to fruition.

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