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Did You Know That You Can Sell Your Car Online Within a Day?

We have all had to sell a used car at some point and it can be a long, drawn out affair. Adverts in the local paper rarely get a response, and using a national publication like Autotrader rarely results in a quick sale. Now there is no need to take photos, write descriptions, pay a fee and then wait for the advert to be listed. Companies online are now claiming we buy any car and they are not joking.

Sites like have a network of buyers throughout the UK. They deal in massive volumes of used motors and are always happy to make an offer on any car. It doesn’t matter what make or model, what age or condition, they really will buy anything.

The way it works is that you visit their website and enter the vehicle registration. You will then be given an instant valuation on the screen. If you think it sounds like a price you would be willing to sell for, you arrange a vehicle inspection. This entails entering your address and phone number on the site, plus a few more details about the vehicle. They will then call you to arrange for a representative to visit your home.

When the buyer visits your home he or she has a good look at the vehicle’s condition. Then they will amend the valuation you were given online to take into account wear and tear. At this point some people can be a little disappointed but it is only fair that the full price is not paid if there are any engine problems or damages to the body work.

Once the final offer has been made you have the option to let them buy the car there and then. If you accept they will remove the car for free and transfer the funds into your bank account in front of you. You are unlikely to get the same price as you would with a private sale, but for those that want a quick sale with no hassle, this is a fantastic option.

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