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Decorating your Home: Storage Tips

Sometimes our eagerness to decorate can get the better of us. We’ve all done it – popped into a paint shop on impulse and bought a clutch of testers to adorn the living room wall, or curiously pulled up the old carpet to see what’s underneath. But if we don’t prepare the space properly it can hinder our redecoration efforts – we can damage furniture or prolong the process unnecessarily by having too much “stuff” to work around. Making sure we have the right storage solutions before, during and after the decoration can help make it as painless as possible. Here are our top tips:


painting a roomPainting and redesigning a room can dramatically change its appearance, but so can doing something different with your existing furniture. Go through your home looking at items of furniture and accessories that you love. List the items you no longer like and free up space by selling, donating or storing them. Be ruthless. This will allow you do more with the furniture that remains.
Decluttering your house can help you plan your decoration more effectively too. It’s much easier to imagine changes when you’re working with a blank canvas.

The Decoration

StudentPack2To protect your remaining furniture from paint and damage, make sure to store them effectively. Decorating can often take longer than you first think, and keeping your house free of excess furniture will help speed up the process.
To store sofas safely, turn them vertically so they’re resting on a flat-sided arm. Leather sofas handle the pressure very well, as do micro-fibre ones. Silky high end fabrics are better to kept on their feet, however, as they don’t have the structural integrity to withstand the additional pressure. Wrapping your couch in inexpensive plastic will provide extra protection.
If you’re redecorating a bedroom, wrap your mattresses in the special bags available at most supermarkets and DIY stores. These not only prevent them from losing shape but protect them from absorbing moisture as well.


paint canThe good news is you now have a freshly decorated living space, but now you probably have a lot more tools and equipment to store.
Make sure paintbrushes are completely dry before stowing them away – don’t keep them in jars, as this will skew the bristles.
It is vital to store paint cans properly, especially if you’ll need to touch up later. Make sure to seal the air out. Don’t wipe the brush on the rim of the can because paint will make it difficult to close the lid properly.
Always store ladders in a covered, ventilated area, protected from the weather and away from too much dampness or heat. Ladders can fall if stored vertically, so take particular care (if possible, secure the top with a bracket).

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