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Cruise Deals in January

If January is feeling bleak now the festive season is over, don’t worry. One of the best antidotes is to book one of the many cruise deals that are floating around at this time of year. Hop online and see how many deals you can find; you’ll discover everything from bargain cruises to luxury trips, taking in all parts of the world in the process.

What are the best places to visit?


It depends on your point of view. If this will be your first cruise you may want to opt for something closer to home. For example, a European cruise doesn’t have to stray too far from home and you can still see two or three countries in the process.

Alternatively if you want to escape the cold and dark weather, head further afield to the Mediterranean or perhaps the likes of Spain or Portugal to soak up the rays. The Caribbean also ranks as one of the best places to visit on a cruise, with destinations including Cancun, the Bahamas and Jamaica on offer, not to mention many others.

Of course some people would say the best places to visit are those that are new to you. Alternatively you may fall into the category of people who prefer to go somewhere they’ve been before on a cruise ship they’ve sailed on before. It all depends on your needs and desires.

Pick up a last minute January getaway


You can grab some good bargains if you are able to head off on a cruise at short notice. Many January sale cruise deals are advertised online at the start of the year, but make sure you’re quick – lots of people get the January blues and a cruise is the perfect antidote!

Some last minute bookings can sail less than a week from the current date, so check availability and make sure a specific deal suits you before booking. Cabins are likely to be extremely limited by this time; you’ll often get a better deal if you are willing to compromise a little on ship, destination and cabin details.

Book now for a holiday in the future


Some of the January deals you’ll find on offer now relate to cruises that won’t depart for another two or three months (sometimes longer). So even if you’re not planning on going away until April or May, you could still get a good discount on luxury trips.

Some websites offer a roundup of the best deals available at the moment, while you can also go direct to the cruise line websites to get the latest deals and offers.

January may be grey and cold at home, but it certainly isn’t like that all over the world. A cruise ship can take you away from the depressing weather and enable you to see brighter horizons hundreds if not thousands of miles away. So why not look for the ideal cruise deals this January, and get the New Year off to a great start?

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