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Can Window Blinds Actually Save You Money?

Our grandparents had what they called “winter curtains” to help keep out the drafts, damp and cold during the off season. Typically most households would replace their lighter fabric shades and draperies for the thick, lined winter curtain that would help to not only repel the cold, but also to retain the heat. It was low on the technology scale but a highly effective means of creating comfort and saving on energy and heating and you can still find these styles available today.
Fast forward a few decades and we have new methods and better options for achieving the same result. Did you know that window blinds can actually save you quite a lot when it comes to your monthly energy bill? Whether you live in a house or a flat, heat and cooling will be impacted by the windows in your dwelling. So how much of a difference can it make, and what kind of blinds should you choose?

Black Out Blinds

Blackout blindsResearchers have proven that you need darkness to achieve a good quality deep sleep. External light sources from traffic, street or shop lights and other origins can dramatically impact your ability to get a good night’s rest. But black out blinds have another added benefit. The lining or inside coating (facing the glass) that makes the fabric impermeable to light is also a very effective moisture and temperature filter that helps to protect your room from heat loss in the cool months. It can also protect your space from increased temperature by repelling UV rays and heat, and lowering your cooling expenses as well.
Who knew blinds were that clever? But essentially a good quality black out blind will function in the same manner as your grandmother’s winter curtains, while taking up less space in your room for year round use.

Wood Venetian Blinds

wood venetian blinds There is a reason we love wood furnishings and wood flooring. Natural wood products have an inherent insular quality that repel the cold by absorbing it into the natural fibers of the wood. Not only do natural wood venetian blinds look gorgeous in virtually any design scheme, but they are an effective tool to block the sun and ultraviolet rays to moderate heat while protecting furnishings from sun damage.
Using wood blinds in the summer allows you to repel the heat and lowers the need for interior cooling. In the winter, the wood absorbs the cold emanating from the glass pane, making the room feel warmer and reducing the need for additional heating.
If you are looking for natural ways to trim your energy bills this year, consider investing in good quality window blinds for your home. For more information on saving money and preventing energy loss in your home, we’d like to share this infographic from The Energy Saving Trust for inspiration and ideas.

How to Insulate Your Home (Infographic)

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