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Britain Staying in the European Union – the Pros and Cons

By now everyone has heard about the proposed vote we should get in the future about whether we should stay in the EU or leave. Everyone has their views on this, but what are the real pros and cons here? Many would say we would be better off out of the European Union, but is this the truth?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this situation.

The pros of staying

EU flags We export billions of pounds worth of goods and services to the European Union every year, which amounts to a whopping 39% of total exports. What would happen to these if we left? Some say the EU would cut us off, creating problems in the UK. Our position in the global economy may be stronger if we stayed in. However no one can know this for sure.

As long as we are a part of the EU, all Britons have the right to work in other countries. This gives us a freedom we wouldn’t otherwise have (although of course in reality few people from our country take up this option).

Another pro is that trading within the entire EU area is made easier. You can import and export without too many problems or red tape. This is supposed to open up borders and generate more income for those in countries that might otherwise struggle to compete across the area.

The cons of staying

euro At the moment we are dictated to by faceless officials in Brussels, who create laws and rules that apply to a whole swathe of different and diverse countries. As long as we stay in the EU, this will continue to be the case.

british currency Being a member of the EU also means we are constantly under pressure to ditch the British currency and take up the Euro instead. As we have seen in other countries, this has been disastrous for some. Think of the state of the situation in Greece for example, where many are unemployed and the country is in deep debt. There is nothing to say this couldn’t happen in the UK too if we ever had the Euro.

Another major downside is that freedom of movement within the countries in the EU has led to a major flood of people heading to the UK. They have taken jobs (working for very low wages in the process) and set down roots here, putting demands on our infrastructure and increasing the pressure on our services.

Which side do you come down on?

question mark Of course these are just a few of the pros and cons that apply in this way. You can probably think of plenty more. There is no doubt that the EU is not as wonderful as those in charge thought it would be. But does this mean it is better for Britain to leave altogether and make its own way in the world? We shall watch and wait and see what happens in this case.

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