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Best Types of Fabrics

Fabric is an incredibly important tool for transforming your home and making into a cosy and beautiful haven. Whether you use it to create new bedding, co-ordinated curtains or perhaps even cushion covers, you can always find the right fabric design to suit your needs.

But before you can go shopping you need to make sure you choose the right fabric for your needs. Different fabrics have different properties and appearances, so if you find out more about the most popular and best types of fabrics you can make the right choice of fabric to buy.


Silk is a beautiful fabric that is perfect for creating stunning curtains. It is a natural fibre and it has been used for many centuries to create fine fabrics. The good news is that it is available in many different designs and colours, so whatever room or task you have in mind you are sure to find the right type of silk for your needs. It is available in strong plain colours as well as pastels, and you can also buy it in various designs. It is worth noting that faux – or fake – silk is also available. This is a polyester blend created specifically to look and feel like real silk but with a cheaper price tag.


Cotton is still one of the most popular materials for all kinds of creative household tasks. One big advantage many people like about it today is that it is environmentally friendly. When you are finished with it, it can be recycled and used again. It is also durable which makes it perfect for many uses around the home. Many bed sheets are made from cotton, taking advantage of its ability to take in moisture and still be breathable. It is also ideal for use as a poly cotton lining for curtains, to make them cosier and thicker than they would be otherwise.


The history of weaving stretches back many years and it has made great strides in recent times as well. This has led to the creation of many woven fabrics that are finely designed with details that would not have been created before. There are various types of weave, including the plain weave and the twill weave, that are used to create different designs in the fabric itself. Thus even a plain coloured fabric can have a design in the weave rather than on the actual fabric.

Choosing the right fabric for your home

Some fabrics are definitely better used in some situations rather than others. For example woven fabric is often put to good use creating stunning curtains that are heavy and drape exceptionally well. In other cases you may want a finer look, in which case silk would come into its own.

As you can see it is nice to know you have a range of the best fabrics to use and enjoy when you are looking to update your home in some way. Which fabrics will you choose?

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