Better Thinking Home Bathroom Style: How to Balance Form and Function

Bathroom Style: How to Balance Form and Function

We ask a lot of our bathrooms; every morning we need them to be efficient and reliable as we prepare to face the day, but we also want them to be spaces in which we can relax and unwind at the end of a long day, spaces in which we can feel comfortable and calm.
In order to achieve a bathroom design that meets these very different criteria, we need to make sure that our bathrooms look great but reliably perform to the highest standards. What we need to do is find a balance between form and function.

Fortunately, modern bathroom designers and suppliers are well aware of this desire, and so most modern bathroom fixtures and fittings will enjoy all the latest developments in manufacturing quality, and will look great to boot.

While minimalism was the dominant trend in bathroom design over the last decade, furniture is back and more popular than ever before. Minimalism allowed for the creation of some truly elegant spaces, but we all tend to accumulate bathroom products over time, and without sufficient storage space available, even the largest bathroom will begin to feel cramped and crowded. Modern furniture, though, features such innovations as moisture-resistant coatings and soft-close drawers and doors, while there are also now more finishes and styles available than ever before, so you know you’ll be able to find your ideal bathroom cabinets.

When addressing the issue of heating your bathroom, there are two key options to consider. Under floor heating is unobtrusive and discreet and has dramatically increased in quality and reduced in price in recent years. Alternatively, a chrome finished heated towel rail will provide you warm, dry towels whenever you require them, create a luxurious ambient warmth throughout the room, and will create a focal design point to tie the room together.

Chrome finished taps and wastes are also hugely popular at present, and they do lend bathrooms a modern, designer feel. Modern taps can also feature ceramic disc technology, to give you greater temperature and flow control than ever before, and well as ensuring that they last for an age without any loss in quality.

The freestanding roll-top bath has long been the epitome of stylish bathing, and these models are still widely available. Modern roll-tops baths, however, have benefited from updated materials and manufacturing processes, so that they are equally as stylish, yet more scratch and stain resistant and better at retaining heat than their predecessors.

A bathroom that is reliable, efficient and eminently practical yet is also stylish, modern and glamorous is now a balance that can finally be achieved by just taking the time to have a click around through some products. So get started, and start planning your new bathroom that features a perfect harmony of form and function.


Helen Davies is a senior content writer for Better Bathrooms, who sell good looking contemporary and traditional bathroom furniture at realistic prices.

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