Better Thinking Home Accessories for your child’s bedroom

Accessories for your child’s bedroom

Children can be very flippant when it comes to what they like and what they don’t. One month Spiderman is all the rage and then next month, they are all over Batman and don’t remember who Spiderman is!

Keeping up with their latest craze or interest can be tiring and most often, as much as we would like to keep their rooms in line with their latest loves, cost and time tends to get in the way.

In order to keep your child and your bank balance happy, we think that the best way to get their rooms looking creative and in line with their latest interests are through accessories. Keep the walls, furniture and carpets neutral and get creative and colourful with accessories.
To give you a helping hand, here are some great children’s bedroom accessories that we think your kids will love in their room.

Wall calendar

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to keep up with their forever changing interests as you simply get to change it at the end of every year and add a new one to the wall with their latest interest featured! Or, if they have a few too many interests at one time, you can get a personalised wall calendar made so that you are ticking off every box!
A wall calendar is also a great learning accessory as it allows them to understand time and dates and also allows them to learn about being organised, for example when it is a person’s birthday etc.
Get them to add their holiday plans, parties they are attending, school holidays etc. into the calendar so they understand and learn when these events will take place and how long it is until they will be attending.

Bedding and nightwear

Okay so they may not be accessories, but themed pajamas, dressing gowns, slippers and bedding can completely change the look and feel of a room and also put a huge smile on your child’s face, as they head off to bed, head to toe in their favourite team, character or superhero attire. Get your child involved in choosing as often, children profess their love for something, then when it comes down to it and they get the option to choose, their love and passion for My Little Pony suddenly becomes a thing of the past as they see the Barbie range is a little bit more to their liking instead. Getting them involved at the beginning helps them to feel as though they are decorating their room themselves and at least you aren’t running the risk of getting it wrong as they are the ones choosing it! Another step towards growing up!


Beanbags are a fantastic accessory for a bedroom and can come in all styles, shapes and sizes that accommodate for your child’s interests. For example, if you little one loves cats and everything about them, a cat-themed beanbag would look perfect in their room as a hand accessory for when they are watching television, playing a game or reading a book in their room.
You’ll also find that they enjoy carrying it around the house into different rooms for them to kick back and relax with everyone else in their very own chair.

Posters and pictures

Okay so sticking things to the wall isn’t really the preferred choice but if you don’t want to decorate a wall with themed wallpaper then it may be your only other option when trying to best theme their bedroom. Posters and pictures can make a massive difference to a room and there are ways that you can add them to your wall nowadays so that it doesn’t cause any damage, for example, poster strips, pins, or disposable hooks. It’s best to do it this way rather than waste your time wallpapering as once they are finished with this latest trend and have moved onto the next one, you can happily pass on poster and pictures to charity shops or sell them on eBay.

Geoff Ainsworth is a director of RUComfy with a passion for home design and technology. He writes for a variety of home design websites and loves vintage/retro styles.

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