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5 Things To Remember When Planning a Kitchen

When you’re planning your new kitchen, there’s so much to think about that it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Here we compile the five key things you should consider – remember these and you’ll get the kitchen you always wanted.

1. Personality

kitchen design cadThe kitchen nowadays is so often the heart of the home: a place to entertain guests, catch up on work, and of course cook! It’s important that your kitchen reflects your personality and lifestyle.
Work with a designer to get the best results. They’ll be able to create a kitchen ideally suited to you. They’ll often have access to CAD (Computer Aided Design) programmes to bring your ideas to life in front of your eyes.
But make sure they’re an expert designer and not just a salesman with a laptop. Ask to have a look at previous projects they’ve completed, and check that you can see the personality of their customers in those designs.

2. Attention to Detail

floor kitchenAlthough the cabinetry, paint and flooring are important elements of the planning process, make sure to pay attention to those little details in the kitchen. These will really make the kitchen yours.
Don’t overlook the details; instead, consider what they say about you and your kitchen. For instance stainless steel and pewter door handles can both look great – but stainless steel is better suited to modern, sleek kitchens whereas pewter is classic and timeless.
What do you want your kitchen to say about you? Often, it’s the details that paint this picture.

3. Function

fossil corian & hi-macsWith such a wide range of materials available to use in your kitchen, there’s no need to choose between style and functionality. From matt and high gloss to painted finishes, it’s possible to add both functionality and style.
In fact, modern worktop materials like Corian and Hi-Macs can be shaped to fit unique designs, while Silestone Quartz adds anti-bacterial protection as standard. These materials combine design flexibility with added benefits ideal for certain lifestyles.

4. Wow Factor

Buttermilk_Ivory kitchenWith so many stylish features to choose from, adding that ‘wow’ factor to your new kithen couldn’t be easier.
Instant boiling water taps, induction heating hobs, decorative extractor fans and integrated coffee machines all can help your kitchen stand out, delighting visitors without compromising classic kitchen design style.

5. Check the price

moneyThere are lots of different ways to buy a new kitchen, but whatever you choose it’s important to be sure what the price you’ve been quoted includes. Prices from some large retailers can seem low – but don’t always include items you may expect, such as delivery and installation.
Things like building work, plumbing and electrics may need their price to be agreed in addition to the kitchen units. Make sure you know exactly what the price you’ve been quoted includes, and visit a wide range of stores – including local, independent retailers – to find the best deal for you. Sometimes, you just might be surprised.
Whatever you choose, shop around and make sure you work with a designer who can – and does – understand you, your lifestyle, and what you need from your new kitchen.
A new kitchen can be the third-biggest investment you make in your life – after a house and a car – so take your time, remember our five key points, and you’ll be that much closer to getting the kitchen you wanted.

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