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5 Best Gadgets to Buy in January

Yes it’s the New Year already and that means an opportunity to look out for some great new gadgets to add to your collection in January. We’ve rounded up five of the best gadgets we think are well worth a look. Which ones are you tempted by?

1: the BlackBerry 10


Details are still sketchy on this one, but if the leaked photos claiming to be the new phone are anything to go by, it’ll be well worth looking out for it when it finally hits the shops. Tentative launch date is January but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it ended up being slightly later than that. The launch dates of most phones tend to be kept in the dark right up until they’re ready to be released.

2: Samsung NX300


This brand new camera boasts a whole host of stunning features, not least a 3D lens. It also has 20.3 megapixels so you’ll be able to shoot pictures and videos in more detail than ever in 2013. Early reports are very promising for this, and no doubt plenty of gadget geeks will want to get their hands on one.

3: the PlayStation Vita


Still new enough to be an eyebrow raiser, this handheld device is a great addition to the PlayStation range of gaming consoles. The graphics are stunning and you can also look forward to using the touchscreen alongside the other more traditional types of controls.

4: the Logicom SPY-C Tank


It sounds good, doesn’t it? And as electronic gadgets go, this one is irresistible if you have the money for it. It’s basically a remote control device that is controllable via your smartphone. You can control the camera and the chunky caterpillar style tracks enable it to navigate all kinds of terrain. Now you can find out what your cat gets up to when it thinks you’re not looking…

5: a wind up remote control


No, this isn’t a wind up. Actually it is, but it’s one designed to help you do your bit for the environment rather than getting through lots of disposable batteries all the time. The remote control can do away with as many as six other remotes, controlling your cable or satellite box, your TV, DVD and even music devices instead. No batteries required – just wind it up and it’s good to go for a whole week.

It certainly looks to be a good year ahead for gadget lovers everywhere. Even if you don’t buy any of the suggestions given above, there are plenty of other gadgets you could invest in this year. It has certainly got off to a great start, and with plenty more opportunities to invest in electronic gadgets as the year goes on, it’s worth keeping an eye out to see how many others appear.

For our money, we think the new BlackBerry and the Samsung 3D camera could turn out to be the next gadget bestsellers. What do you think?


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