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4 Steps to Cheap Winter Holiday Deals in the Sun

Winter is rapidly approaching and you may wonder what on earth happened to summer? If you are tired of looking at grey skies and rain then you might be tempted to travel further afield in search of some winter sun.

Catching the rays in Australia or other countries south of the equator might seem like an expensive choice but there are tactical ways to find some winter sun so read on to discover where you should go and how to drive down the costs.

1. Book Early for Winter Breaks

Don’t leave it until winter to book your holiday. The earlier you book the more you can potentially save.


Avoid busy periods such as Christmas and Easter. November and February are the best months to book yourselves a bargain. Generally speaking, avoid school holidays and festive periods and be flexible with dates, flying mid-week instead of at the weekend could save you money.

2. Avoid Rainy Seasons

Be sure to research that really cheap deal to the Seychelles as the chances are that it may be cheap for a reason.

Boat in Water

November and December is the wet season here and it’s also the rainy season for many of the islands in the Indian Ocean. Always check the average climate of the country in the month you are going to ensure that you do actually get some sun and are not caught in a monsoon.

3. Location

Thailand offers probably some of the best value resorts and because of the increase in flights to Thailand, fares remain competitive. The cost of living is also low and hotel standards are high. Head for the west coast in November when it’s dry and the east coast in February.

The Indian Ocean may have the Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius but beware of that rainy season. If you don’t mind risking a soaking then you can find some good deals here for the winter. Or you could head for Sri Lanka (checking with the embassy for travel advice first) which might not be everyone’s first choice but you are guaranteed sunny climes and gorgeous beaches with some top quality resorts.

Dubai is expensive but competition here is high so you can still get a bargain if you aren’t afraid to haggle with the tour operator.

Egypt is only 5 hours flight time away from the UK and the weather is pretty much reliable all winter. November offers the best value for money with prices almost doubled in December.

The most expensive places for winter sun tend to be the Caribbean, Australia, South America and the Canaries, all of which also boast the best winter temperatures, but you can still get some good deals by shopping around and asking tour operators to match the best price found.

4. Late Deal Holidays

If you can hold your nerve then shopping around for some late deal holidays in the winter can pay off and is ideal for a quick getaway from the miserable UK weather. Don’t be too choosy and again, choose the cheapest months to start your search. Have your bags packed ready and before you know it, you could be spending your winter catching some rays on the beach.

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